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eBook Daughter by Design


Daughter by Design is the only book of its kind, bringing together faith and science in a practical way. Laid out like a mini-retreat the book takes the reader on a personal journey to discover herself more fully, so that she can live a more purposeful life, anchored in her role as God’s beloved daughter. Download now and start your journey to discover the daughter within today.


What is my purpose in life? Who am I, really?

These are questions that every woman will find herself asking in a culture swirling with increasing confusion around meaning and identity.

Struggle, failure real or perceived, loss, grief, suffering–these are the things that tend to bring us face-to-face with ourselves, stripping us of the illusion that our identity and calling has anything to do with what we do or accomplish in life–or what we want to become or think we must be, for that matter.

A woman’s deepest identity, however, is founded on something far more lasting and real. Her discovery of God’s original design for her life, to be in a relationship of love as His daughter forever, is a truth that will set her radically free to live the fullest life possible, a life of integrity, authenticity, fulfillment, hope, trust, and joy.

In Daughter by Design, MaryRuth Hackett, PhD offers every woman:

The key to growth and good discernment: becoming aware of our God-given strengths and natural weaknesses

The means to prioritize our spiritual life and develop a healthy habit of daily prayer–the foundation of our Father/daughter relationship

The opportunity to identify and claim her own version of the feminine genius

The invitation to surrender as the only true cure for perfectionism

And much more

Daughter by Design is a must-read for every woman seeking to stake her life on the eternal truth of her existence: that she is a daughter forever.


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